Here's Our Testimonial Page From Some Of Our Happy Customers

All of these testimonials are the actual words from actual customers. If you'd like to add yours, then let us know. Please keep your type family friendly as we will @#$%^ out offending words.

Jeremy H. (Indiana) "Wow when you said this stuff was a little spicy I thought you were kidding. Now after almost 2 bottles of the stuff couldn't think of eating taco night without it. Great heat with a fantastic flavor."
"Keep up the good work" - Jeremy

Jennifer N. (California) "That ain't right" "Holey $#!^ Jeff!!!" (this was "A Mother's Revenge")
Skipp E. (Indiana)
"I would like to let all who are interested know that Jeffs sauces are incredible.
I have enjoyed spicy foods all my life, and I can honestly attest Jeffs creations are the best combination of peppers I have encountered anywhere.
Robust and flavorful..........Ideal for stews, chili, and many other recipies you want to enhance.
 My personal favorite is using it like a rub on a steak and then throwing it on the grill.  Mmmm Good
Do yourself a favor and get you some.
You will not be disappointed !"


J. A. (Illinois) "I bought a jar of A Mother's Revenge thinking that it would be like any other hot sauce with no flavor and nothing but heat; boy was I wrong. This stuff would melt the copper off of a statue and it was totally full of flavor. I'm surprised N.A.S.A. hasn't contacted them for a rocket fuel replacement..."
Louis B. (SK Canada) "I've used his sauce for my hot wings for years. It is so differnet from year to year that I love it and so do my customers in kind."
 F.D. (Washington State) "Steak and eggs all the way baby."
John M. (USA) "It's too thick for me and it's more like a paste. Excellent for cooking and mixing in with salsa." "don't get me wrong as me and my friends love it." "Definite two thumbs up."
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