This season sucked ARSE and that's an understatement. professional nurseries all around the Midwest suffered this season for sure and we were no exception. Constant rain and temperatures all over the place did a huge number on most everything.  We decided to keep a limited growing area at home and rented 2- 16' x 30' community garden plots for a 32' x 30' space. We went for broke since we had a very large order to fill on reserve. Needless to say, it wasn't filled. The garden plot was a disaster and we weren't the only ones who suffered dearly.

Here's a sad story about season 2009...

The Beginning (4-17-09)

Delayed severely by heavy rains, hundreds of plots freshly rough plowed, are now ready for 2009 growers to till and plant their goods.


Part Two (4-27-09)

More rain and even more rain. This is our plot and a good many others looked like our or worse. no one has planted anything yet.

A lovely mess for sure (4-27-09)


We did still have plants at home when we did the garden plot, but nowhere as much as we usually do. Here's a view of our garden in xxxxx



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