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Here are our scooters. On the left is M.E.G. (My Ember Glow.) She's a 2008 Xingyue XY150T 8 (Tank Racer DS-08) On the right is The Fire Drake, he's a highly modified 2008 SYM HD200.

Here's a side shot of M.E.G. We haven't done any modifications to her other than full LED conversion and adding rear alert brake light modulator. Spring/Summer of 2009 will see some other mods for sure.

Here's The Fire Drake and aptly named. It's red and packs a big punch.

Another side view

Here's another SYM owner and his HD 200 in a dazzling silver. Notice that he's added saddle bags and a back pack to his scooter.


Visibility is the key with any two-wheel rider and this front view along with the side view says it all.

Here's a SYM GTS-250. This is the European version of the RV-250 available in the US

Here's another side shot of the GTS-250

Here is a picture of the SYM Mio 50 in the wonderful two-tone coffee and white.

Mio 50 second photo

Here's a beautiful red Symply 50 scooter. We can only get blue or silver ones in the US.

Another shot of the Symply 50

By utilizing a large top case, the Symply offers great storage options and is one of the most efficient SYM scooters on gas mileage

Here's a picture of a SYM VTS200. These aren't available in the US but they are modeled after the GTS/RV 250 elsewhere. The VTS200 uses the same motor as the HD200.

No, you're not seeing double, but a lovely matching pair of HD125's on bath day. The HD125 and the HD200 are identical and use the same motor. The only difference is the HD200 motor is bored and stroked and has more horsepower and torque. Both of these each have over 16,000 miles on them.





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