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5/8/09 We've started a message board for peppers, tomatoes and vegetables, so be sure to check it out HERE It still is a bit under construction, but is almost finished.

5/8/09 Our seed sales were a success and we are now sold out for the 2009 growing season. We thank you all for your orders and hope to see you back next year. We'll have a few new varieties, so check back around this December.

5/5/09 We now have a testimonial page for those that have bought our hot sauces. See what people are saying about them. Here's the link to our testimonial page

3/6/09 Seeds from our peppers are now available so you can plant your own. You can open up our Pepper Seed Page or Email us for availability.

2/19/09: Our season 2008 hot sauces are now available.

2/16/09: We've added a few friends below, so be sure to take a peek.

6/15/2008: This June we had a praying mantis stick around our garden for a while. They're a little rare around here and we'll usually only see one a year if that. It must've stayed around several months, but when I was finalizing the garden, the cold weather got him (Yes it was a male). I did get some good pictures so I wanted to post a few of them here for you.


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This is my scooter, or am I it's rider? It is a beast unleashed and perhaps the fastest in it's class and it wants to beat me, but I am the master, or am I the mastered??? 

If you're around the Calumet, Michigan area for sight-seeing or if you're ever planning on going there, look these guys up for sure. They are in the heart of many historic landmarks in a beautiful setting.  Of course I'm partial to SYM Scooters, but with good reason. In my opinion they are on par with the big-four and don't cost as much. Don't believe me??? Just ask any SYM owner or rent one from them and you'll be hooked for good.
One of our friends that specializes in adding performance to any scooter, especially the smaller 50cc motors. Enviromoto has several package performance kits to breathe life into any 50cc scooter and they'll even install the upgrades for you. We bought one of our scooters from here and they are "Absolutely" the best to deal with. Give them a call if you need parts for your Chinese scooters.
One of the best forums around for scooter riders of all makes and models. All are welcome and are encouraged to be part of this network. It is filled with helpful information and shouldn't be missed. It's not as bad as it sounds, just a catchy name to strike fear into the "Vespa-Snob" crowd. To be Anti-Social is a freedom; a freedom to be who you want to be, where you want to be and when you want to be. Lynn and I are proud to be the leaders of the Illinois Chapter in this nationwide club and hope you join us. OR ELSE --hehe


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