This website is devoted to my scooter and entails my extensive and very critical review of it. It also includes the various upgrades that I've done and problems that I've fixed.

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I've added several more How-To videos including: changing front pads, valve adjustment, CVT belt and roller replacement and more... There is also now a clear and legible wiring diagram available in the upgrade section submitted by a fellow SYM owner.

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I've also added a lot more user submitted scooters in the photo section, so be sure to check that out too.


I've added a new friend in "The Lair" - Bluearthscooters. Not only do they sell SYM Scooters, they repair and rent them too. Be sure to check out their link.


I've added another video on The Fire Drake showing a quick walk around of the modifications that I've done to this wonderful machine and a newer LED video with the replacements for the weaker ones. Currently these are only on my You Tube page, but I'll add them here too. Check out the quick link section below to see them.


I've added a stereo amplifier and speakers to The Fire Drake and a few other goodies too. Here's the link.  

You can also find this and MORE in the upgrade section at the bottom of this page.

This is a page about my scooter and the review that I've been doing on it. It's a HD200 manufactured by SYM (Sanyang Motors) of Taiwan. This isn't your typical "Chinese" scooter and is built with quality and performance in mind. 

Even though it's called a HD200, the engine is actually a water-cooled 171.2 cc motor. It's basically a bored out and stroked 125 cc with a 4 valve head and ceramic composite cylinder. Off the showroom floor  it comes with quality parts like a 25mm Keihin CVK carburetor, a Bando CVT belt and coil, and quality, quality everywhere else. You can forget about changing crappy hoses, filters and checking for wires that are crossed or loose. 

Don't let this fool you by being a small engine as it outperforms most 250 scooters bone stock. Acceleration is quick and responsive at it has a top speed of 75 mph give or take a few and will get to 60 in about 10-15 seconds depending on the rider and conditions. Weighing in at just under 300 pounds, the ratings of 15.28 hp and 11.28 ft. lbs. of torque provide the get up and go, while the 16" rims ensure a smooth ride along the way. Two-up riding is definitely doable with the HD200 as Lynn and I have  traveled well over 2000  thousand miles together at highway speeds and in town travel. The HD200 loses about 5 mph top end when riding two-up, but hey, that's not bad:)  This machine glides along as smoothly at 30 mph as well as it does at 75 and without a hiccup and has done so for over 5,800 miles so far in the two years I've owned it. 

There are a few quirks that I don't like and I have altered them as explained in my review. Otherwise, this to me is the ultimate urban/rural combination scooter that was made for the commuter and mid range traveler. With my engine upgrades I can accelerate faster and can top out at 84 verified mph. But most of all, with my other upgrades I can experience this quality ride even more.




Below you'll find links for several photo galleries that correspond to my ongoing review located in the ScootDawg forum. I suggest you read it to get a better idea of what the separate galleries are for as these are just condensed versions. Here is my review link. It's a bit lengthy, but is detailed and concise with remarks and questions from others. 

This link to the ScootDawg forums is part of the ScootDawg network.

ScootDawg main site

The link to my ongoing review

If you are a SYM owner, then you might want to consider joining the Yahoo Group thesymgang It is a group solely devoted to SYM owners and even has a Carter Brothers rep online frequently. I personally find the formatting a bit troublesome, but there are great people there and I also belong too.

This message board is a MUST-JOIN and is solely for SYM owners. The SYM Forum is a vast place of knowledge and expertise with one of the best structures online, not to mention the extensive photo galleries and ride narratives.




You are now in The Lair of The Fire Drake

Review/Picture Page 1

Review/Picture Page 2

Review/Picture Page 3

Review/Picture Page 4

Review/Picture Page 5

Review/Picture Page 6

Photo Gallery of user submitted rides    

Upgrade Section And Video Quick Links

This section has quick links to my upgrade pages within this site and also has videos we've made either on You Tube or hosted on this site. Each page or video will open up in a new window.


The Fire Drake walk around video

NEW LED video showing better upgrades


Even though The HD200 isn't affected by these crappy valve stems, I put the first video here for those that may have them since our Xingyue/Tank did. At less than 50 miles and 6 months old (no winter riding either,) these valve stems are SHOTTTT and VERY dangerous. First, they throw your tires off balance and when, not IF they fail, you go boom and boom is not fun on a 2 wheeler. 

Any Scooter - Valve Stem Replacement How-To Video: High Quality 


HD200 How-To Videos


Pre 2009 HD200 and other two-wheelers with a dangerous self-retracting side stand - Side Stand Fix: High Quality

HD200 - Valve adjustment How-To Video: High Quality

HD200 - CVT belt and roller replacement How-To Video: PART ONE-High Quality

HD200 - CVT belt and roller replacement How-To Video: PART TWO-High Quality

HD200 - Coolant flush How-To Video: High Quality

(coming soon) HD200 - Front Pad Change and System Bleed How-To Video: High Quality

(coming soon) HD200 - Crankcase Oil Change and Filter Cleaning How-To Video: High Quality

(coming soon) HD200 - Rear Gearbox Oil Change How-To Video: High Quality


30mm OKO Carb upgrade page and modifications

MRP Performance Exhaust upgrade page

LED reflector/side marker swap page

Horn relay addition (review 6)

Stereo, tachometer and service lights page


Operation, Service and Part Manuals for the HD125/200 

Service Manual for the GTS250. Also the RV250

Service Manual for the Symba


NEW UPDATED diagram wiring of the HD200--LEGIBLE

Friends of The Fire Drake

This section contains links to parts, forums, clubs and other friends. All images and content therein are the property of their respective owners and have been put on here with proper permission If you'd like to be listed here then email me

Click on the banners to open up their websites and enjoy.

If you're around the Calumet, Michigan area for sight-seeing or if you're ever planning on going there, look these guys up for sure. They are in the heart of many historic landmarks in a beautiful setting.  Of course I'm partial to SYM Scooters, but with good reason. In my opinion they are on par with the big-four and don't cost as much. Don't believe me??? Just ask any SYM owner or rent one from them and you'll be hooked for good.







One of our friends that specializes in adding performance to any scooter, especially the smaller 50cc motors. Enviromoto has several package performance kits to breathe life into any 50cc scooter and they'll even install the upgrades for you. We bought one of our scooters from here and they are "Absolutely" the best to deal with. Give them a call if you need parts for your Chinese scooters.
One of the best forums around for scooter riders of all makes and models. All are welcome and are encouraged to be part of this network. It is filled with helpful information and shouldn't be missed. It's not as bad as it sounds, just a catchy name to strike fear into the "Vespa-Snob" crowd. To be Anti-Social is a freedom; a freedom to be who you want to be, where you want to be and when you want to be. Lynn and I are proud to be the leaders of the Illinois Chapter in this nationwide club and hope you join us. OR ELSE --hehe



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