Here are some pictures from installment five.

In this installment, I added a lot of goodies like swapping LED lighting for the turn and brake signals and a brake light modulator.

Here's the LED light swap video. Even though this video still shows 2 amber incandescent bulbs in the front turn signal mounts, I've switched them over to LED's now. The only non-LED's are now the headlight and the gauge cluster  We've also added additional new marker lights too as explained in the Side marker page. We're going to make a new video and put it next to this one.

LED turn signal swap video

LED full swap done video

Here are the Amber turn signals that I mounted. The slug eye socket turn signals on the front and rear were a piece of cake to replace. I used an 1156 style amber 24 LED design that fires with 18 outward (axial) and 6 radial pattern. I did this to project forward/rear lighting by using this style and to help fill up the small lenses a bit, but the whole concept behind these bulbs and this arrangement was to project light forward.
Here are the ones that I use in the clear lenses by the tail light for the turn signals. They are also 1156 amber style bulbs but are a 18 LED radial design with 3 of the firing to the rear and 5 banks of three in a radial pattern. I used the radial style bulb in these because the lenses are clear and I wanted to illuminate the lensís reflective casing itself instead of projecting light rearwards. Also by using this style in the rear signal mounts, they radiate more light when viewed from an angle and shine light sideways..
This is the king of all LED's and was the most expensive and important of all of them, the tail/brake light. The LED used for this light is a 60 LED radial and rear firing bulb. It is a SMT style (Surface Mount Technology) and has 48 radial LEDís and 12 rear firing ones. Itís an 1157 style, its coloring is red and let me tell you, is fills the lens with light very nicely. As written before, I have a modulator on the brake light and now it works way better than on the regular bulbs. In broad daylight, this bulb is brighter and visible from farther away. They are over 25.00 a pop but well worth it.
Here is the 194 wedge type replacement for the front marker lights and the license plate bulb That I originally added. I've replaced them with better ones since I originally wrote this part of the review. In broad daylight, they really don't do a thing, but the marker lights do make a huge difference in night driving and with visibility or being seen. Instead of blending into the headlight like they used to, they make a very noticeable abstract. 
Here's a picture of the ones that replaced the above LED marker lights and a picture of them lit up at night. CLICK on them for a larger picture
Here's the brake modulator and its mounting location on the gas tank under the seat bucket. I used Industrial Velcro to hold it in place and Gorilla Tape to hold it down just in case. It's not going anywhere for sure.


Gumby has been on my 2 wheeled key chain for over 25 years on everything from the first kill switch on a '80 bicycle assist motor, to a '78 Garelli moped, to a '84 Honda Aero 50, to a '08 SYM HD 200 :)

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