Here are some pictures and videos from installment four.

Most importantly in this review; I describe how to fix the pesky side stand and how it snaps back at you. The videos are the same, but in two different qualities for those with slow connections or limited bandwidth. Here are the videos
3mb video
9mb video
The blind spot mirrors I added. $4.00 for a pair of them from AutoZone.
Here's the access hole I drilled to get to that one hidden CVT cover bolt. By doing this, I cut my CVT case removal time by over . If you do this, not a single panel has to be removed and the airbox is left untouched. It's just round enough to fit an 8mm socket through. I "painted" the interior of the hole with a red Sharpie.
Here's the bit that I use to make the hole once it was started. Key hint---go slow at a slow speed. You want to cut your way through and not burn it. If you go too fast, you'll melt the plastic and may chip the paint.

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