Welcome to the pictures for installment three of my HD200 review

Here are a few videos of the turn signal bulbs that I added and a few more pictures




front turn signal video Here's a video of the front turn signals that I added after I painted the bulbs to amber and added them in the steering column
rear turn signal video Here's a video of the rear turn signals that I added after I painted the bulbs to amber and added them into the the tail/brake light assembly. By doing so, there is definitely more side visibility when the signals are active.
brake light modulator video Here's a video of the Rear-Alert brake light modulator in action. I wish it went a bit faster and not as long, but it works fine and was easy to install.
I installed a Green Light Trigger on the center stand here. I bought it off eBay and spent about 17.00 for it. bottom line is that it works so far, but is just an overpriced magnet. You can definitely get them cheaper. Right next to the trigger mounted on the stand is an identical, and stronger magnet for less than $5.00
Front Disk brake lock that I got from a community garage sale for $3.00 The person had a whole box full.
Here are  the locks attached.
Here's the security chain for my scooter. Ten feet of 3/8th" steel chain and a Boron alloy Master lock. There's enough chain to go through both wheels and around a post or through the frame and around a tree. I have two of them, one for each tire.
This is what happens if you slip while adjusting the passenger (right) side shock. The muffler heat shield is real sharp ladies and gentlemen as you can see. I've since gotten a better tool to adjust them with and I'm of course, being more careful.

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