Here's my new scooter, The Fire Drake and some pictures of it. It's 2008 SYM HD200




Notice the following three body shots and how the color looks different. They were all taken at different sun intensities.
Note the two accent lights beside the headlight? Those are the ones I want to add LED's to. The clear lenses on the bar are the Non-US version signals with the dummy bulbs. If I don't change them over and remove the stalks, then I'll add some sort of forward lighting in them.

Here's the installed dummy turn signal bulb to the right.

Blue Stang and Fire Drake together.
Here's the picture of the airbox. No, those aren't scrapes already, just dust.
Here's the filter element itself. the four brass colored screws hold in the assembly to the back cover.
Five simple screws and the battery, valves and plug are accessed. That little black panel in the middle also comes off if needed.

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